United Airlines at the Top

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United Airlines announces six transAtlantic routes in a Boeing 787-10 from its New York/Newark hub beginning in March 2019. Not only are they the first North American airline to receive their B787-10 delivery, but they are also the first in the world to have the entire family of Boeing’s Dreamliners in the fleet.

Inside the Aircraft

This model is considered the “stretch” version of the previous Dreamliners released by Boeing. The B787-10 has 44 business class seats, 21 premium plus seats, 54 economy plus seats, and 199 economy seats. The aircraft is 18 feet longer than the B787-9 and can carry more passengers and cargo. With the ability to fly up to 6,430 nautical miles, this Dreamliner uses 20 percent less fuel than the older models of the plane. The only backlash from this aircraft is the lengthy time that it took to receive and prepare it for passenger travel.

New Opportunities

United Airlines expects to have a delivery of 14 Boeing 787-10 aircraft over the next two years. They already operate with 25 B787-9 and 12 B787-8. Because of these Dreamliners, United can offer more flights than any other U.S. airline from New York to Germany and Israel. They also offer nonstop services to Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Dublin, and Paris. However, because of the size of the aircraft, United Airlines intends to keep a majority of the 787-10’s flights domestic.  “With the new 787-10, United will fly the most fuel-efficient widebody jet in commercial aviation today,” according to Ihassane Mounir, senior Boeing vice president, “The larger airplane comes with more seats, more cargo capacity, and the same Dreamliner comforts that passengers prefer. We are honored that United, a leading global carrier, has placed its trust in the 787 family, carefully optimizing their network with all three Dreamliner models”. This advanced aircraft is only the beginning for United Airlines as they continue to expand their fleet and offer travel arrangements to a wide range of places around the world that other airlines are struggling to keep up with!