2018 World Series Jet Charters Are Just Starting To Ramp Up

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America’s Favorite Pastime Gets An Upgrade In Fan Travel, Should You Join In?

We still are several months out from the 114th World Series, however, that hasn’t stopped avid fans of America's favorite pastime from making their plans early.  Depending on the size of the stadium holding this year’s game, fan attendance could be upwards of over 50,000 and if you aren’t one of those fans, you are going to get stuck watching it on FOX or YouTube TV on your couch. Why not see it in person?

For some, the answer is a pretty clear lack of funds. For one, tickets typically range from $700 to $2000 and you have to factor in parking depending on the facility, hotel stays, and airline tickets. You could run a tab for one day’s game up to five grand, and who has that kind of money? Well, obviously some because the sale of Jet Cards specifically to hold funds for World Series flights have skyrocketed and you would be surprised at who the buyers are.

A surprising amount of individuals jet chartering for the championship are not members of the 1%

As a matter of fact, most jet card holders and those looking to go to the game aren’t even individuals. They are companies and organizations who can resell or lease. Sure, there are a large number of these executives who actually go to the game, but overall these companies hold out on the majority of slots for private jet charters for the purpose of turning them for a profit. So what does this mean for those of us in the middle bracket? Well, for one, fewer tickets are available and at a higher cost.

Now, although some may believe that the cost of chartering a private jet may be out of range anyway, that’s not necessarily the case. Yes, chartering a large aircraft may cost you a pretty penny, but rides in smaller light jets and turboprops are actually affordable, even for lowly freelance writers such as yours truly. These flights can be empty leg flights returning somewhere without passengers scheduled, one-way flights and even just simple offseason or early charters that happen to be available. What is even better is that these can even be cheaper than commercial tickets if you know how to make your reservations right and who to buy from.