2019 Masters Jet Charters

Take a Private Jet to the 2019 Master’s Golf Tournament

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As any golf fan knows, the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament is held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia every year on the first full week in April—and it does not change locations like the other three major golf tournaments. The question is: How are you going to get there?

If you are thinking about attending the 2019 Masters PGA Golf Tournament, try thinking of a more interesting way to travel. This is why Flex Air Charters is offering a 2019 Masters Jet Charter to arrive at the tournament in the best way possible.

Taking a 2019 Masters PGA Jet Charter has many advantages over traditional ways to travel—on the ground or by regular airport travel—as well as it is becoming extremely affordable, especially if you opt for a group charter.

2019 Masters Jet Charters

2019 Masters Jet Charters

Advantages Over Traditional Travel Methods

Flex Air Charters offers an edge over other means of travel. Our charters can help you swing into the golf tournament in a new way. Air charters avoid the hassle of dealing with long airport lines and sitting around a bunch of strangers—not to mention, you miss out on all of the bacteria and sickness that airplanes lead to.

Surround yourself with friends for the golf tournament.

Advantage number two: traveling through the air means there is less traffic to deal with. No congested freeway. No waiting in long car lines to enter the tournament. And believe us, it does get to be quite crowded.


Air charters, of flying in general, might not be regarded as the cheapest way to get around. But it is not as pricey as you may think. When you have more people traveling with you—in other words, taking all of your friends with you on a 2019 Masters Jet Charter—you cut the price down.

More Advantages of Flex Air Charter

When you book your 2019 Masters Jet Charter, you will also have the advantage of having a more direct route to the golf tournament as air charters are not burdened by traditional airport routes. Flex Air Charter wants to help you get where you want to go in the most direct route possible. The check-in times are timelier as well.

More About the 2019 Masters Tournament

Check out a tentative list of the golfers participating in all of the different categories. If you are looking to go to the tournament and have not gotten tickets yet, check out the PGA’s ticket page here. The page states, “If you’ve ever dreamed of attending the Masters, now is your chance. Well, sort of.”

There is an application process to attend the tournament, and the people eligible to purchase tickets are done in a lottery-style “random” selection process.

This means if you do get the chance to attend the tournament, you have to make it memorable with a 2019 Masters Jet Charter.

Arrive in Style

The best part is arriving in style. People will take more notice of a group flying in on their own private 2019 Masters Jet Charter than fighting traffic. Do not count on being the only one considering this method of travel. Booking a charter with your friends and family truly makes it a group experience. It is better to travel alongside those you know you like instead of being crammed into a jet with a bunch of strangers.

Book Your Charter Today

If you want to make this year a memorable Masters Tournament, book your own group charter at a reasonable rate. Contact Flex Air Charters to get a rate on your group flight today. Fly in luxury to the best golf tournament around.

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