Private Aviation Vs Commercial Air Travel

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Private Aviation Is Leaps And Bounds Above Commercial Air Travel For Businesses

Besides the obvious ways in which private aviation has upped the stakes on the comfort factor when in comparison to commercial air travel, there are several other benefits meant to specifically target the advantages of utilizing them for business travel.

Although it may appear as a pricey alternative, in comparison to commercial air travel, private aviation has numerous benefits that far outweighs the cost. And, if several colleagues or associates are considering traveling at one time, chartering a business jet may even prove to be more economical in the long run.

Business jets deliver an amazing opportunity for business or corporate travelers to travel to a singular location or to take off on multi-stop trips and to conduct business as usual throughout. Innovations in business jet design for interiors turn these jets into a fully functioning aerial office space that feature pull-down tables, wifi connectivity, and comfortable seating as well as includes cabin space that accommodates multiple sleepers for overnight trips.

Private jets further feature a number of enhancements that make travel in them even more comfortable and luxurious. From the special lighting that is meant to be altered per individual tastes to the sky throne seating available on some of the pricier aircraft options to the addition of galleys and lavatories to make transcontinental travel all the more tolerable, there’s no end to ways in which private air travel has improved upon what was acceptable as the industry standard for business travel accommodation.

When you reserve a private charter to travel for business you will have the luxury of time on your hands. You won’t be stuck speaking to distracted and uninformed ticketing agents, instead, you will have your trip organized by a travel professional who is available to speak to you anytime and will coordinate your flight and any of the little extras that serve to satisfy your particular travel need. You additionally will not experience the indignity of TSA pat downs or be asked to remove personal items or clothing to indicate your fitness to fly. You simply need to arrive at the departure location and board your flight.

Private aviation offers travelers the chance to stop at multiple locations and airports that don’t accommodate commercial airplanes, which means businesses have access to a number of underdeveloped markets that may serve to benefit a particular subset or just help your associates achieve meeting with buyers or customers in remote locations.

If your corporation is looking to save overall on business travel, there are opportunities to pre-pay for the use of an aircraft, there are advantages to these prepay programs often referred to as block series charters as well. The price is set at the time the lease or charter agreement is signed, therefore fluctuations in market prices will not affect the cost for the time that is billed against your balance.

These time segments may be purchased in monthly and yearly increments and despite situations when aircraft may be grounded due to a technical issue, there will be various other aircraft that can be used to supplant the grounded one so you will not be forced to reschedule meetings and trips.

The terms and conditions of these agreements are at the discretion of the air carrier and may feature a variety of additional amenities. This option, in particular, is an ideal choice for corporations that have the need for business travel several times a year and don’t wish to purchase a corporate jet of their own.

These options as well as many more are available to private aviation travelers. Private aviation offers leaps and bounds over what one could expect from commercial aviation with its tiny seating, and forcible adherence to their list of compliances, not to mention being subject to their flight availability which all spells disaster for the busy business traveler.