Set-Jetting: Unique travel trend takes film and television fans to the locations where their favorites were filmed.

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What was once considered a niche market experience has now become a more mainstream way to spend leisure time. Set-jetting, or on-location vacations, are a travel trend that involves visiting the destinations in which popular movies and television shows were filmed.

As a result of a combination of factors, travelers from all walks of life, are flocking to the tiny towns, resorts and even remote off the beaten track locations to immerse themselves into the setting of their favorite series or film’s most beloved characters.

Although the concept may seem foreign to a select few, we have all been affected to a degree by a character in a television show, film or even book. Book setting vacations are less common currently as generally speaking the literary world’s most popular stories are ultimately going to be translated into a movie but in the past, novels and series books greatly influenced travel. Authors like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens have had numerous themed vacations and festivals created around their stories. People flocked in droves to experience a Dickensian Christmas or to be romanced by the likes of Misters Darcy and Bingley at Netherfield Park.

For the more high-end traveler, there are exclusive tours of the locations often seen in iconic classics like The Sound of Music that don’t necessarily feature reenactments but more an opportunity to walk in the literal footsteps of the characters. They can hire a private jet to convey them to Salzburg, Austria to see the very place where the cinematic version of the Von Trapp family lived. And, although, you cannot literally traverse the mountaintop as its on private property where novice nun, Maria, who is supposed to be thoroughly engrossed in Vespers, yet has gone missing from the priory because she is regaling the hills with the sound of her music, you may be able to see it from the comfort of the private air charter you are flying in.

Other popular set-jet trips include tours of New Zealand to visit the numerous locations where The Lord of the Rings was filmed and pay visits to London, Oxford and Northumberland where a number of scenes from Harry Potter were filmed and then tour the studio. Television series that have started to see an influx in set-jetting travels to include tours of locations in Scotland, Malta, Iceland plus more to visit the filming locales from numerous scenes in Game of Thrones, various others include Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, and locations from retro television series Friends and Seinfeld.

For those who can afford the luxury of a set jet experience, the vacation will not only thrill as some of these movies and television shows were filmed in destinations that feature breathtaking sceneries for sure but additionally, the experience can be cathartic.

We have all felt that empty feeling following the end of a beloved series or film when things just seemed to realistic to actually end. We are not simply watchers, more like an invisible cast member who serves no point but to quietly observe. We need the closure only an unannounced visit to these locations can deliver because in our minds, we have developed a bond with the characters, they have become our friends or representations of ourselves or who we wish to be. Once we have walked a mile, figuratively or literally, in our favorite characters shoes, we will be able to move on from the separation anxiety we experience when their weekly presence in our lives ends.

For those who cannot swing the price of a set-jet trip, there’s a solution for you too, it’s called Netflix.