Enjoy the Benefits of Empty Leg Flights in Private Jets

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When a private jet is chartered one way, the jet is typically empty when it returns to home base or its next destination. These empty leg flights allow for passengers to purchase a discounted ticket because the full cost of the flight has already been compensated for. The only catch of these flights is that their scheduling is not very flexible. If you have a less strict travel schedule, then empty leg flights are the perfect option for you.

Sometimes, the discounts on empty leg flights can be as significant as 75-percent off of the original price. This can be extremely to businesses and professionals that operate under a fluctuating but flexible schedule.

Misconceptions Regarding Empty Leg Flights

Enjoy the benefits of first-class, private flights with Empty Leg flights!

On the contrary to popular belief, these flights are not only offered only between the same departing and arriving airports. We work alongside a multitude of nationally and internationally based service providers. We have access to an impressive fleet of aircraft and experienced agents that keep a catalog of current empty leg flights.

With empty leg flights, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of flying privately, without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg to afford ticket prices. Fly with privacy in first class with Flex Air Charters

Empty Leg Flights with Flex Air Charters

Our executive jet charters have over 5,000 private or remote airports they can fly into. There is no standing around, waiting to check bags at extensive security checkpoints. We offer comfortable seating, spacious interiors, and unprecedented speed in the perfect combination for pleasant traveling. We take our clients’ need for privacy and discretion seriously. Our credibility and knowledge of the industry can deliver access to a wide range of service providers that expand flight options for our clients.

If you are traveling with a flexible schedule and would like to save money on a plane ticket, empty-leg private jet charters are the perfect option for you. The experts at Flex Air Charters will handle all of the logistics for you, all you have to do is call!

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