Specialized Jet Charters

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Aerial support and specialized air charters offer accommodations to a wide array of industries. Even though every field has specific needs for travel, Flex Air Charters has the means and the connections to accommodate these requirements. The professional travel coordinators we work alongside are highly trained and experienced to handle the most unique circumstances possible. They are ready to take on any challenge from the air.

Most Popular Uses for Specialized Air Charters

One of the top reasons why someone chooses to charter a private jet is because they want luxury and privacy. With the ability to skip extensive security checkpoints, private jet charters cut travel times significantly. Charters ultimately offer safe, effective, and timely solutions for corporate or personal travel needs.

In the past, specialized air charters have been used for numerous organizations as a means of private travel. Sports teams, business executives, and companies have utilized charters for cargo and personnel transportation. With group rates, specialized air charters are more affordable than ever!

Specialized Air Charters for Emergencies

From evacuation flights and government contracts to airline and travel agency solutions, specialized air charters are economically more efficient than other modes of transportation. Air charters are perfect for branding and brand awareness as we enable you to tailor your charter to any unique requirements. Specialized air charters have proven to be an excellent resource in not only the charter industry but also the emergency services industry.

Search and rescue, evacuation and ambulance charters are only a few of the major contributors to relief response. The only thing being hampered in the time of an emergent situation that is dependent on the scale of the tragedy is all of the variables that are needed to be in cooperation. It is easy for the logistics of emergency services to become troublesome and overwhelming. Leave it to the experts and we will be able to transport any and all things from equipment and supplies to people, quickly and effectively.

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