Cessna Citation Mustang: Exciting Business Jet Charter

Cessna Citation Mustang: Exciting Business Jet Charter

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When the Cessna Citation Mustang made its debut in 2006, it had a revolutionary impact on the entry-level business jet market. It was the first of the new Very Light Jet (VLJ) class, for a while the fastest business jet of any size, and the leader in single-crew operation.

This combination was a winner for the Mustang, as Cessna set the record for the number of units manufactured and sold. The company produced a total of 479 aircraft in eleven years. As a result, the Mustang has dominated the VLJ market since the beginning.

This dominance is not that surprising. After all, Cessna (now a division of Textron) is a well-established, U.S.-based manufacturer with a strong name in aviation that continues to set records. Its Cessna 172, for example, has enjoyed a production run of over 43,000 aircraft since 1956, the record for any plane.

Keys to the Mustang’s Success

Name recognition and record-setting production numbers are only part of the story, however. Here are some of the other particulars of the Cessna Citation Mustang‘s success:

  • The Mustang features an oval fuselage rather than a round one, allowing for more passenger headroom and freedom of motion.
  • The windows are rounded and slightly oval – adding to the sense of space within the cabin.
  • The aircraft is a true business jet, not a crossover. It has speeds that rival the larger models, yet requires shorter distances for takeoff and landing. This combination adds flexibility in using smaller, more remote airports.
  • The Mustang’s fuel consumption is comparable with turboprops, making it more affordable than the larger business jets.
  • Cessna crafted the Mustang’s interior seating arrangements and appointments with luxurious comfort in mind.
  • Viewed from the outside, this VLJ is an impressive combination of sleek sculpting and high-tech design. Its numerous safety features and winning style help its users make the most favorable impressions wherever they go.

Ideal for Charter

What this all means is that the Cessna Citation Mustang is the ideal aircraft to charter for a flight with three or four business associates or friends. Here’s why:

  • The cabin and cockpit seating arrangements are hard-configured. Because they are fixed, Cessna was able to add extra luxury to the seats, wrapping you in a cozy cocoon.
  • This business jet has private restroom facilities, especially important on longer flights.
  • With a type-certified pilot in charge of your chartered Mustang, a fifth passenger can occupy the copilot’s seat. From that vantage point, he or she cannot help but notice how pilot-friendly this VLJ is.
  • Compact but well-designed, the Mustang provides plenty of room for luggage in the external compartment and snacks and beverages in the cabin.
  • This speedster is configured to whisk you to your destination at a cruising speed of 390 miles per hour and an altitude of up to 41,000 feet. These numbers translate into a quicker, smoother flight.

How Flex Air Charters Can Help

Flex Air Charters can customize a charter flight for you. We begin that process by asking you a series of questions that help us pinpoint your preferences and needs. We then match your requirements with the best possible aircraft and charter company, and we stay with you until the transaction is complete. Of course, Flex Air Charters performs this service using only charter operators that exercise “full operational control” over their aircraft in compliance with FAR Part 135.

By providing this service, Flex Air Charters takes the mystery out of chartering business jets and makes sure your charter meets your specifications. We’d love the opportunity to do that for you.

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