Luxury Amenities Aboard a Private Jet Charter

Luxury Amenities Aboard a Private Jet Charter

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Private jet travel provides a luxurious travel experience that ensures style, comfort and discretion. Flex Air Charters, which schedules luxury private jet charter flights, offers an array of aircraft, ranging from smaller aircraft for individuals to larger jets for friends and families. More importantly, private jet charters afford a unique luxury experience unequaled in air travel.

Amenities aboard luxury private jets like the Embraer Lineage 1000 may include a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, an ensuite bathroom with walk-in shower, large windows and full-sized sink. The Lineage 1000 has five cabin zones that can be designed with many configurations.

Luxury jets also afford health and spa facilities. Gulfstream private jets may feature lightweight stationary bikes, workout areas and muscle training. Following a workout, many travelers choose to enjoy a spa treatments, such as a massage or manicure. An Airbus A380 owned by billionaire Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal-al Saud even features its own hammam.

For gourmet meals, many private jets bring along personal chefs that can prepare personalized meals. The Bombardier Global 7500, for example, features the largest kitchen on the private aviation market and comes equipped with dual ovens, a large sink, a refrigerator and an espresso machine.The cabin, which includes a six-seat conference table that can be laid as a dining table, offers the ultimate dining experience in the sky.

Private jets are also spacious enough to provide room for necessary staff, such as flight attendants, chefs or fitness trainers. Also of you’re traveling on business, a private jet charter allows you to bring your personal staff as well. For example, the fully-equipped conference room on the Airbus A319 CJ features Wi-Fi, large screens, satellite phones and next generation technology.

To relax, private jets also offer entertainment suites, where you can enjoy music, a film or video games. The Gulfstream G650, for example, is equipped with a widescreen television and divan, as well as surround-sound speakers to connect your gaming system to the television. Flex Air Charters can schedule private jet charters that meet your needs and specifications to ensure a luxurious travel experience. Call today for information on private jet reservations and amenities. A personal concierge is standing by to assist you with all your travel plans.

Flex Air Charters Can Schedule Private Jet Charters That Meet Your Needs and Specifications to Ensure a Luxurious Travel Experience. Call 1-888-722-0776 Today for Information on Private Jet Reservations and Amenities!