Take a Private Charter to the 2019 Indianapolis 500

Take a Private Charter to the 2019 Indianapolis 500

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It’s time to take advantage of the modern transportation solution, one that gets you to and from your destination of choice in just a fraction of the normal time. Welcome to the modern solution for even the longest ride, when you take to the skies and beat the traffic! And thanks to the sheer affordability, you’re able to fly for less than you’d ever expect. Equal parts economically feasible and convenient, this is your ticket to the skies and back, en route via private charter to the 2019 Indianapolis 500!

The Indianapolis 500 is known around the world as one of the premier racing spectacles. From its traditional brick to the fanfare surrounding the event itself, it proves as much of a can’t-miss affair as any sporting event, anywhere. Taking place on Sunday, May 26 of 2019, the event itself is a three-day function, everything from time trials to the pre-race festivities, to the fast-paced action of the race itself.

Of stark contrast to the traditional means of transportation for the majority of Indianapolis 500 attendees, arriving by private jet charter means that you are afforded the freedom to come and go as you please. Dedicated, professional pilots have long made an established habit of secure flight to and from popular destinations. And with an affordability that’s more than worth the investment, this is the no-hassle transportation opportunity you’ve been looking for!

A virtual staple of the IndyCar series, the Indianapolis 500 sees the world’s top racers to head-to-head, with a name beset in racing immortality as the prize for the winner. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been the host of the event since its inception, and this upcoming year’s installment promises to provide the same adrenaline-inducing thrills as it always has.

An affordable decision is made even more of a bargain when you elect to bring close friends or family members along for the ride! Take to the skies along the way with those closest to you, and split the flat fare while you make memories together above the ground. At a rate that’s less than you’d expect, and an arrival time faster than you’d expect, this is an opportunity that impresses from your first minute to the last in the air.

You’re afforded all of the modern luxuries that you would expect from a world-class helicopter provider. Take advantage of a temperature-controlled cabin, for optimal temperatures no matter the outdoor climate.

Don’t wait another second before electing to contact us today, to put a private charter to work for you! Reach the Indianapolis 500 this year in style, when you skip the traffic and realize the opportunity to come and go by air. Flex Air Charters customer service associates are available at any hour of the day, seven days a week for your convenience.

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