The 7 Best Gifts for the Private Jet Traveler

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We all have that one person in our life, the Traveler. A person who regularly flies on planes, maybe even takes a helicopter tour, and has booked their own private jet. When they take to vacation it is well known. They update their social media with colorful pictures of exotic locations making those around them cringe with jealousy. Here is a list of the best gifts you can get the traveler in your life—either for men or women—for the upcoming holidays:


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Music helps each of us in so many ways. It is the perfect travel aid. When you add noise-canceling headphones, this takes music to a whole new level, allowing somebody to relax while just enjoying their flight and their choice of tunes.


Smart Suitcase

Technology is the way of the future. Stepping up the private jet traveler in your life’s travel game can be done with the purchase of a smart suitcase—which watches the weight of the suitcase itself, so a person does not over pack and has many features and has the ability to be locked with a smartphone.
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Sleep Mask

Everybody needs to catch some shut-eye while traveling, whether it is on the plane or a brief nap in a hotel upon arrival. Having a sleep mask can help both men and women when the conditions are less than desirable, blocking out unnecessary light. If you want to go fancy, get a silk sleep mask for the lady in your life. Or you want to go simple, buy a cheaper version for a guy.
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A Good Book

There is nothing better than being 40,000 feet in the air and being captivated by the words on a page, transporting you to an entirely different location. Certain books can be devoured in one sitting if the flight is long enough. The book you choose will depend on the person and what type they like to read, whether it is a mystery, a horror, a thriller, a romance, or a literary fiction book.


Fit Bit

A fit bit is a great gift if you have a traveler in your life who is health conscious. It can help remind them to get a good number of steps in each day even while traveling.
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Skin Care Products

At first glance, this may appear to be strictly catering to women, but really anybody can suffer from dry skin. Men can benefit from a little moisturizer at times as well. Obviously, you will have to choose one that is appropriate for the person you are getting it for whether it is a rosewater facial mist or a skin care kit.


A Custom Private Jet Charter

This gift should not be listed because it is so obvious, but it still is on here as a reminder; you can book a private jet charter for the traveler in your life. With Flex Air you can completely customize their flight, picking out their destination and even their hotel room. If you want to create an even more memorable vacation for your traveler, consider booking a helicopter charter as well.