Pets on Private Jets

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A popular topic about commercial air travel being discussed is the rigorous requirements that airlines have set in place for your fur babies to travel with you. The cost and hassle don’t always make it worth it for your pet to accompany you on your flight. Plus, each airline has its own specific requirements to follow for pet transportation.  The best option for flying your four-legged family is private jet charters! More specifically, Flex Air Charters specialized in outsourcing our private charter missions, thus finding the most accommodating pilots and aircraft.

Things to Keep in Mind:

There are still a few recommendations to consider when planning your pet’s private jet ride. One reminder is to make sure that your pet has proper vaccinations and customs documentation. It is also recommended that your pet is acclimated to their crate prior to the trip. On the contrary to popular belief, the safest way for your dog to fly is with a body harness, not a neck collar. It is required that your pet is on a leash for the entire flight from takeoff to landing. Small dogs and cats are recommended to remain in a carrier that is affixed to a seat belt during takeoff and landing. As long as your pet does not block walkways and exit paths, our private air travel team will ensure that your pets are comfortable during their luxury flight. Another benefit of pets flying in private jets is that the schedules are made and agreed upon by you, there is no chance of confusion on departure day. No long lines for security and personalized travel arrangements will allow you to spend more time making sure that your pet is fully prepared for travel.

Get Started!

We at Flex Air Charters pride ourselves in providing exceptional service with every mission we accept. Ultimately, we work for you…we strive to find an aircraft and operator that best suits your travel needs. We understand that fur-babies are part of the family and want to help you make sure they get to enjoy their travel in the most luxurious and comfortable way possible! It’s easy to get started! Call 1-888-722-0776 with your plans and any requirements that you may have. We provide complimentary quotes and competitive prices.