New York Private Jet Charters: Increase in Market Growth Expected for 2018

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Experts spent part of last year tracking the New York private jet charters industry through the WingX app. As a result, they were able to ascertain that throughout the industry, specifically across the five most prominently used private airfields near New York City, Teterboro, JFK International, Laguardia, Westchester and Farmingdale, private jet air traffic was up by roughly 5 percent. They further indicated that in 2018 more impressive growth could be anticipated.

As spring break generally occurs in early April in the North Eastern portion of the United States and later in the month, schools start to prepare for summer vacation, families are more likely to book New York private jet charters at this time. Analysis of information garnered from the aviation app indicated that April of last year saw an 81 percent in New York private jet sales and a 21 percent increase overall throughout 2017.

Experts expect even more growth as 2018 progresses. The private jet charter industry is up overall across the globe at the present with the Charter market report indicating that in the US specifically, suggesting a 10 percent increase in the number of flights and 12 percent growth in the number of flight hours. Comparatively speaking, this puts 2017’s private jet charter industry at an increase over the previous year of near 4 percent and it is continuing to climb.

Experts are saying that the private charter industry is experiencing a resurgence for a number of reasons. providers and brokers are marketing their services more effectively and the variety of offerings in charter types makes the prospect more attractive to consumers. Additionally, providers have started supplementing their fleets with a variety of different types of aircraft.

Another feature that may be driving the market is the executive and club membership or jet card, wherein consumers pay a one-time fee and deliver access to a large fleet at fixed hourly rates. These and many other changes are being made applicable to the private jet charter industry, and can only hope it will translate to the increase in market growth of the New York private jet charter industry as well.

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