When Stratolaunch's Roc flew for the first time in 2019, it became the world's largest airplane by wingspan. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]

How do largest airplanes look beside each other?

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World’s largest airplanes:

The aviation field has advanced a great ton since the 20th century, and the airplanes that we have now are larger than life. If aviators and aviation mechanics from the 1970s to the 1980s could see some of the airplanes that are being flown today, they wouldn’t believe their eyes. Here, we’re going to go through some of the largest airplanes in the world, and analyze how comparable they are together.


This soviet airplane was created to carry oversized cargo and heavy objects across the world for a lengthy amount of time. Some interesting statistics about this plane are that it’s 275 feet long, and 60 feet in height. Its wingspan spreads across 290 feet on each side, with its speed being at 850 KMH. Mind you, only one of these airplanes exist, so it’s truly one of a kind.

AIRBUS A380-800

This airplane is one of the largest airplanes that are being actively used every day, with major airlines like Emirates, British Airways, and Singapore airlines still using this massive airplane. Some of the statistics that may interest you about this beast are that the height is double that of the ANTONOV airplane, at around 80 feet, while the length is 238 feet long, with a cruise speed of 903 km. It’s safe to say that this jumbo airplane is best suited for transporting a great number of passengers at an efficient rate.


This next airplane was the world’s first double-decker airplane, which was launched from Pan Am for the first time in the year 1970. Its huge mass and impressive speed earned its nickname ‘The Queen of the Skies”. This airplane changed the aviation industry, making international travel for a mass amount of passengers possible for the first time. Some interesting facts about this jumbo airplane are that the height is only 63 feet tall, while the length of the airplane is 250 feet. While that might be a bit smaller than our previous two airplanes, it certainly was a sight to see for passengers in the late 20th century.

BOEING 777-9

This airplane was created to make a much larger version of the twin-engine passenger jet, without needing to draft and create an entirely new airplane type. Interestingly enough, the BOEING 777 has the longest wingspan of any BOEING airplane, with the wingspan being 235 feet wide on each side. The height of the BOEING 777 is 64 feet high, while the length is 251 feet long.


Yet another Boeing film, this time a cargo airplane. The BOEING DREAMLIFTER is a jumbo airplane used for transporting cargo material such as wings, tails, fuel parts, and mechanical parts for other BOEING airplanes. The BOEING DREAMLIFTER is only one of the 4 airplanes created in the world. This airplane is one of the biggest on the list, with a length of 235 feet long, and a height of 71 feet high.


This jumble airplane was created and used to transport American military troops across the world. This airplane was not only used strictly for flying but also used a flying boat, the largest flying boat alive. Interestingly enough, this airplane has only flown once. This airplane is also one of the biggest airplanes on this list, with the height being 79 feet tall, and the length being 218 feet long.

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