Gulfstream G600

The Gulfstream G600: First Look at the Super Fast Luxury Private Jet

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Recently the Gulfstream G600 private jet prototype made an appearance at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK and to say people found it impressive would be an understatement. Gulfstream, the Savannah-based aviation manufacturer designed the G600 with the following objectives in mind, unprecedented comfort, and spaciousness, state of the art technological advancement in long-range flight as well as improved fuel performance and operator ease of use. Listed at 57.9 million dollars the Gulfstream G600 is further expected to be a more luxurious and improved upon aircraft than previous Gulfstream and the various other comparably priced aircraft in its class.

Expected to enter into service sometime in 2019, the Gulfstream G600‘s roomy dimensions extend 96 feet in length, 25 feet in height with an impressive 94-foot wingspan. The spacious 45 foot long, 6.5 feet tall cabin seats 19 comfortably and the lavish zen infused interior can be customized to reflect the owner’s specific tastes and preferences. The interior’s design features supple leather seating, mirrored bulkheads, wood grain trim, and embellishments. Additional customizable options include the option of a forward or aft galley and should the owner request it, the installation of a fully functional shower. Divan style sofas recline into beds for sleeping and adjustable tables may be used as a workspace or for dining.

An innovative interactive Cabin Management System offers travelers full autonomy over the lighting, window shades, temperature and entertainment via the use of touch-screen devices. Functional connectivity allows for travelers to engage in business per the usual with the implementation of in-flight office space with pedestal-mounted conference tables that are height adjustable. Additionally, the Gulfstream G600 is outfitted with a complete entertainment system including high-speed WiFi and large entertainment screens to watch movies while in flight.

Conceptualized as a luxurious offering for travelers, developers sought to make comfortable accommodation for the crew as well. The Gulfstream G600 has ample room for the addition of two crew members, with a reclining seat available for pilot or crew rest on transcontinental flights.

The state of the art flight deck is outfitted with the new Gulfstream Symmetry avionics suite and 10 touchscreens. It’s important to note that the Gulfstream G600 in one of the initial two civilian aircraft to have integrated sidestick technology which permits both pilots to detect the other’s control inputs.

The Gulfstream G600 derives its impressive performance specifications as a result of twin Pratt & Whitney PW815 15,680 lbf turbofan geared engines. Marketed as the fastest business jet aircraft and 20-plus percent more efficient than comparable aircraft in its class, the Gulfstream G600 can transport passengers 7,500 nautical miles while achieving speeds of up to Mach 0.9.

This summer, the G600 made its European debut at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) held annually in Geneva, Switzerland. The jet flew directly from its home base in Savannah to Geneva in record-breaking time while traveling at speeds over 600 mph. As a result of the trip, the Gulfstream G600 established a city-pair speed record between the two cities.

The Gulfstream G600 took off on its initial test flight in December of 2016 and certification was expected to be achieved two years later. Unfortunately, recent setbacks and contract disputes between Pratt & Whitney Canada and the developer of an integral component of the G600 engine, Oklahoma-based aerospace firm Nordam may lead to delays in the progression of the jet program. Or potentially affect the delivery of the aircraft or the certification thereof. As it stands currently, certification is still anticipated for the end of the year.

When asked about the dispute, Pratt & Whitney Canada parent company, Pratt & Whitney indicated they don’t anticipate any issue with deliveries being made promptly. At this stage, proponents of the jet program, fans and industry insiders are anticipating the G600‘s entry into to service to happen sometime next year with deliveries starting around the same time.